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  • Tony Freeze - They My Shottas.mp3

    Tags: tony, they, freeze, shottas
  • Munchi - Shottas ft. Mr. Lexx.mp3

    Tags: shottas, lexx, munchi
  • Afu Sensi - Shottas (prod. Blastar).mp3

    Tags: prod, blastar, sensi, shottas
  • KingFlash - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: shottas, kingflash
  • Stixman - Declare War.mp3

    Tags: declare, stixman
  • Shady Nate - Emaculate (feat. Shady Nate, HD, & Mayback).mp3

    Tags: emaculate, nate, feat, shady, mayback
  • Chucky - Day's Get Harder (feat. Killa E & Db Shottas).mp3

    Tags: harder, feat, chucky, shottas, killa
  • HD - Finer Thangs (feat. ASE & HD).mp3

    Tags: finer, thangs, feat
  • Shottas (Schlachthofbronx Remix).mp3

    Tags: shottas, remix, schlachthofbronx
  • The Antiserum - Top shottas.mp3

    Tags: antiserum, shottas
  • Ariana Grande Ft. The Weeknd - Love Me Harder (shottas Rmx).mp3

    Tags: weeknd, love, grande, harder, shottas,
  • Shottas '' Gyal i like , D?contraction'' (HLC Recordz').mp3

    Tags: like, shottas, gyal, recordz, contraction
  • KiingOsama X Shottas.mp3

    Tags: shottas, kiingosama
  • HD - 6 Star Shottas.mp3

    Tags: star, shottas
  • Stixman - Unforgiving World.mp3

    Tags: stixman, unforgiving, world
  • Shady Nate - Uncut (feat. Shady Nate).mp3

    Tags: nate, feat, uncut, shady
  • Baloberos Ft Criminal Shottas - Roleta Russa.mp3

    Tags: russa, shottas, roleta, baloberos, criminal
  • Papa Reu - Big Shottas (feat. Bun-B & Elephant Man).mp3

    Tags: shottas, elephant, feat, papa
  • Stixman - The Crazies.mp3

    Tags: stixman, crazies
  • Shottas (Alvaro remix).mp3

    Tags: alvaro, remix, shottas
  • Chucky - On the Block (feat. Db Shottas).mp3

    Tags: block, chucky, feat, shottas
  • Ahkatari - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: ahkatari, shottas
  • Shottas (prod by Frenzy Beatz).mp3

    Tags: beatz, prod, shottas, frenzy
  • Shottas - IKON ft. Malcolm London.mp3

    Tags: malcolm, shottas, ikon, london
  • Philthy Rich - Talk'n All Dat Shit ( feat. Philthy Rich).mp3

    Tags: feat, philthy, talk, rich, shit
  • Sizzla - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: sizzla, shottas
  • A Tribe Called Red - Munchi - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: called, tribe, shottas, munchi
  • SHOTTAS B.O.N.mp3

    Tags: shottas
  • Munchi - Shottas ft. Mr Lexx (Schlachthofbronx Remix).mp3

    Tags: munchi, shottas, remix, schlachthofbronx,
  • Top Shottas Feat. Maino (Dirty).mp3

    Tags: feat, shottas, maino, dirty
  • Mercury - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: mercury, shottas
  • Queenie La' rouge - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: rouge, queenie, shottas
  • Shottas (Prod. Soledad Brother).mp3

    Tags: soledad, prod, shottas, brother
  • Shottas (A Tribe Called Red Soca Core remix).mp3

    Tags: soca, called, tribe, remix, shottas, core
  • Blast Holiday - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: holiday, shottas, blast
  • Shottas - Fanm Inmin Loto Moto.mp3

    Tags: fanm, shottas, moto, loto, inmin
  • Shady Nate - Let Me Hit Sumth'n (feat. Shady Nate).mp3

    Tags: sumth, feat, nate, shady
  • Shottas (Alvaro Remix Sabo's In n Out Edit).mp3

    Tags: alvaro, remix, sabo, shottas, edit
  • Mode Fucking Shottas Remix Dj Dionyx.mp3

    Tags: shottas, fucking, mode, dionyx, remix
  • Hasenchat Music - Young Shottas.mp3

    Tags: shottas, music, hasenchat, young
  • Luh Brandon - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: brandon, shottas
  • Munchi f. Mr. Lexx - Shottas Megamix (Remixes EP Out June.mp3

    Tags: remixes, megamix, june, shottas, lexx,
  • K9 - 05 Shottas Riddim.mp3

    Tags: riddim, shottas
  • Philthy Rich - Bet I Hit (feat. Philthy Rich & Young Moses).mp3

    Tags: moses, young, feat, rich, philthy
  • Munchi - Shottas (Nguzunguzu remix).mp3

    Tags: remix, nguzunguzu, munchi, shottas
  • Munchi f. Mr Lexx, "Shottas (Nguzunguzu Remix)".mp3

    Tags: shottas, munchi, remix, nguzunguzu, lexx
  • Bandelero-Pinchers-Shottas SoundTrack --- drops for djnoel.mp3

    Tags: bandelero, djnoel, shottas, pinchers, drops,
  • trippin bae.mp3

    Tags: trippin
  • Spitz - Bang'n in My Locstas (feat. HD & Spitz).mp3

    Tags: spitz, feat, bang, locstas
  • Lil Blood - Snitch Food.mp3

    Tags: blood, snitch, food
  • Crowell & Cubs - Dub Shottas(EXCLUSIVE).mp3

    Tags: crowell, cubs, exclusive, shottas
  • Rain - Ky - Enie - Shottas SoundTrack - From YouTube.mp3

    Tags: enie, soundtrack, youtube, from, rain,
  • Subb - Shottas (feat. Jah Cutta).mp3

    Tags: cutta, feat, subb, shottas
  • Shottas (Shaun D & Master D Remix).mp3

    Tags: shaun, shottas, remix, master
  • Stixman - Not Invited.mp3

    Tags: invited, stixman
  • Munchi ft Mr Lexx - Shottas (Crookers Remix).mp3

    Tags: remix, crookers, munchi, shottas, lexx
  • Stixman - Ghetto Life.mp3

    Tags: life, ghetto, stixman
  • Stixman - Too Damn Lie.mp3

    Tags: stixman, damn
  • Munchi Ft. Mr Lexx - Shottas (ALVARO REMIX) *preview*.mp3

    Tags: munchi, lexx, alvaro, shottas, remix,
  • Stixman - Shottas' Lullaby.mp3

    Tags: lullaby, shottas, stixman
  • Shottas (Nguzunguzu Remix).mp3

    Tags: shottas, remix, nguzunguzu
  • Philthy Rich - You Can Get IT (feat. Philthy Rich & Stevie.mp3

    Tags: philthy, stevie, rich, feat
  • T-Pain - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: pain, shottas
  • Wise - Shottas Frank White (feat. Wise).mp3

    Tags: wise, shottas, white, feat, frank
  • HD - Pill Start Smack'n (feat. HD).mp3

    Tags: pill, start, smack, feat
  • Shottas Ft Juan - P.mp3

    Tags: juan, shottas
  • Munchi ft. Mr Lexx - Shottas (FFF remix).mp3

    Tags: lexx, munchi, shottas, remix
  • Ikon - Shottas (feat. Malcolm London).mp3

    Tags: shottas, london, malcolm, feat, ikon
  • DJ Prince Feat. Sean Price - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: sean, shottas, prince, feat, price
  • Top Shottas Riddim Mix [October 2012 RedSquare.mp3

    Tags: shottas, 2012, redsquare, october, riddim
  • Wyclef Jean - The Shottas.mp3

    Tags: jean, wyclef, shottas
  • Lil Blood - 3 Ways (feat. Lil Hyfe).mp3

    Tags: blood, feat, hyfe, ways
  • Chucky - Heavy Situation (feat. Db Shottas & Killa E).mp3

    Tags: situation, killa, chucky, feat, heavy,
  • Shottas feat T-Gayo An Tchad en tête (HLC Recordz').mp3

    Tags: feat, shottas, recordz, tchad, gayo
  • Lil Yae- Top Shottas.mp3

    Tags: shottas
  • Shottas (Spanish Dubplate Box vol.2).mp3

    Tags: spanish, shottas, dubplate
  • PAPA REU feat. Bun-B & Elephan Man "Big Shottas" (main.mp3

    Tags: main, papa, shottas, elephan, feat
  • Lil Blood - Take You to My Trap (feat. Lil Goofy).mp3

    Tags: blood, goofy, feat, trap, take
  • Philthy Rich - Pussy Ass Nigga (feat. Philthy Rich).mp3

    Tags: pussy, feat, rich, nigga, philthy
  • Shottas (Alvaro Remix Sabo's Slow Down Edit).mp3

    Tags: edit, remix, slow, down, alvaro, shottas,
  • Lil Blood - Stay Scrap'n (feat. Ruben Stunner & Ronald.mp3

    Tags: stunner, ruben, stay, blood, scrap, feat,
  • Stixman - Bittersweet Love.mp3

    Tags: bittersweet, love, stixman
  • Young Grind - Shottas (feat. Yung Ace the Great).mp3

    Tags: shottas, young, great, grind, yung, feat

    Tags: shottas, reggae
  • Deva Bratt - Top Shottas Anthem.mp3

    Tags: bratt, shottas, anthem, deva
  • Shottas KKKK.mp3

    Tags: kkkk, shottas
  • Rain Ky Enie.mp3

    Tags: rain, enie
  • Stixman - African Queen.mp3

    Tags: african, stixman, queen
  • J. Stalin - Hey Pimp Daddy (feat. Shady Nate & J. Stalin).mp3

    Tags: pimp, daddy, stalin, nate, feat, shady
  • Cubs X Dabz X Jura - Top Shottas [CLIP].mp3

    Tags: cubs, jura, shottas, dabz, clip
  • Espiiem - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: shottas, espiiem
  • Top Shottas.mp3

    Tags: shottas
  • Chucky - How I Get It in (feat. Kama Kaze & Db Shottas).mp3

    Tags: kama, chucky, kaze, shottas, feat

    Tags: beat, company, prod, shottas, fuck, werc,
  • Queenie La Rouge - Shottas.mp3

    Tags: rouge, shottas, queenie
  • Messy Marv - Top Shottas (feat. Messy Marv & Stevie Joe).mp3

    Tags: stevie, shottas, marv, messy, feat
  • Shottas (featuring Mr. Lexx).mp3

    Tags: lexx, featuring, shottas

    Tags: dubplate, katchafayah, shottas

    Tags: fanm, shottas, inmin, dubplate
  • Call The Police - John Wayne - Shottas SoundTrack.mp3

    Tags: police, shottas, john, wayne, call,

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