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  • Get Funky.mp3

    Tags: funky
  • YouAin'tCountry,Bro.mp3

    Tags: tcountry, youain
  • GetGetGet DownDown.mp3

    Tags: getgetget, downdown
  • An October Offensive.mp3

    Tags: offensive, october
  • Neck Valve - She's Fallen In Love With A Serial Killer.mp3

    Tags: fallen, neck, with, love, valve, killer,
  • Ogre Magnox - M1 Ogre PUs Dirty.mp3

    Tags: dirty, magnox, ogre
  • 2nd Aftermath movement 4.mp3

    Tags: movement, aftermath
  • Come Back Home.mp3

    Tags: back, home, come
  • BT and Jes - #EOW Packet I BT Yamaha Bass 1.mp3

    Tags: yamaha, packet, bass
  • Neck Valve - Depravity In Zero Gravity.mp3

    Tags: gravity, depravity, zero, valve, neck
  • Slideboard In The Corner.mp3

    Tags: slideboard, corner
  • I Like It.mp3

    Tags: like
  • Strat Pickup with 5way Switch.mp3

    Tags: with, strat, pickup, 5way, switch
  • Tenner Rap.mp3

    Tags: tenner
  • Lamington II SG 01.mp3

    Tags: lamington
  • Ogre Magnox - M1 Duncan PUs Clean.mp3

    Tags: clean, ogre, magnox, duncan
  • Southern Cross.mp3

    Tags: southern, cross
  • Mint Minus.mp3

    Tags: minus, mint
  • Ogre Magnox - M1 demo track (guitars only).mp3

    Tags: only, demo, magnox, guitars, ogre, track
  • Song For Shed Bird.mp3

    Tags: song, shed, bird
  • Lamington II Strat 02.mp3

    Tags: lamington, strat
  • ESP LTD MM - 30 Clean.mp3

    Tags: clean
  • Lamington II Strat 01.mp3

    Tags: strat, lamington
  • Nobody Knows.mp3

    Tags: knows, nobody
  • Ogre Magnox - M1 Ogre PUs Clean.mp3

    Tags: magnox, ogre, clean
  • Neck Valve - Eleanor Rigby.mp3

    Tags: neck, valve, rigby, eleanor
  • Strung Out.mp3

    Tags: strung
  • D&B show with Fanu on Bassoradio (Feb 17, 2014).mp3

    Tags: bassoradio, 2014, fanu, show, with
  • Lamington II Tele 01.mp3

    Tags: lamington, tele
  • Lamington II Strat 03.mp3

    Tags: strat, lamington
  • Lamington II Tele 02.mp3

    Tags: tele, lamington
  • Disco Sex.mp3

    Tags: disco

    Tags: love, declaring, demo
  • SubTerrorRadioMix 12/20/2013.mp3

    Tags: subterrorradiomix, 2013
  • MalcolmRdemo.mp3

    Tags: malcolmrdemo
  • Marcella's Superior vena cava; torn [with ed afraux].mp3

    Tags: cava, afraux, vena, marcella, superior,
  • Reverb Is Your Friend.mp3

    Tags: reverb, friend, your
  • ESP LTD MM - 30 Demo Track.mp3

    Tags: demo, track
  • ESP LTD MM - 30 Distorted.mp3

    Tags: distorted
  • Ogre Magnox - M1 Duncan PUs Dirty.mp3

    Tags: dirty, duncan, magnox, ogre
  • Blackstar HT-Metal Tone Test.mp3

    Tags: blackstar, metal, tone, test
  • Ogre Magnox - M1 demo track.mp3

    Tags: track, ogre, demo, magnox
  • Red House Cover.mp3

    Tags: house, cover
  • 2nd Aftermath movement 2.mp3

    Tags: aftermath, movement
  • Pickup change.mp3

    Tags: pickup, change
  • Grooverider - Metalheadz Blue Note - March 1996.mp3

    Tags: 1996, march, blue, metalheadz, note,
  • Valve Jr Demo.mp3

    Tags: valve, demo
  • Lamington II SG 02.mp3

    Tags: lamington
  • Purgatory Tube Pedal Samples.mp3

    Tags: pedal, samples, purgatory, tube
  • Maestro FZ-1A vs The Primitive.mp3

    Tags: primitive, maestro
  • ESP LTD MM - 30 Demo Track Guitars Only.mp3

    Tags: guitars, only, track, demo
  • Holy + Clone 68 + '69 cab (G12M).mp3

    Tags: clone, g12m, holy

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