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  • Lil Mama - Sausage.mp3

    Tags: sausage, mama
  • Mr. Sam - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama
  • Young Jig - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, young
  • Relly Rel - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: relly, mama
  • The Hood Internet - Absorb The Lip Gloss (Lil Mama x Marnie.mp3

    Tags: gloss, marnie, absorb, internet, mama, hood
  • Spaniard - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, spaniard
  • Al West - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, west
  • Al Holliday - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: holliday, mama
  • Shadowyze - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: shadowyze, mama
  • Lil Mama- Sausage.mp3

    Tags: mama, sausage
  • Lil Mama I'm Sorry - Riff Raff.mp3

    Tags: raff, riff, sorry, mama
  • LIL MAMA - LIP GLOSS (instrumental).mp3

    Tags: mama, instrumental, gloss
  • @ DJNeptune- Twerk Lil MaMa (@ABE201 VOCALS).mp3

    Tags: djneptune, mama, twerk, vocals, abe201
  • A.P. Appleberry - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, appleberry
  • Quel - Lil Mama (Prod By JayMo Dejon).mp3

    Tags: mama, prod, jaymo, dejon, quel
  • Versatyle Offycial - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, offycial, versatyle
  • Juice Moe - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, juice
  • Dj Dro Get Down Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, down
  • Quel - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: quel, mama
  • Lip Gloss - Lil Mama - Original.mp3

    Tags: mama, gloss, original
  • Khalil - 'Hey Lil Mama' Feat. Lil Twist.mp3

    Tags: khalil, mama, feat, twist
  • J. Gram - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: gram, mama
  • Lil Mama By Th Planes.mp3

    Tags: mama, planes
  • Dave B. Soul - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: soul, dave, mama
  • G Slide Remix - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: remix, slide, mama
  • Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (BRUNCH MONEY Remix) [prod. Nick AM &.mp3

    Tags: money, remix, gloss, brunch, mama, prod,
  • Dj Nate- Lil Mama Bad As Hell.mp3

    Tags: mama, hell, nate
  • Lil Boosie- Mama Know Love Official Song.mp3

    Tags: love, song, know, mama, boosie, official
  • Lil' Mama - Lip Gloss.mp3

    Tags: mama, gloss
  • MC Lyte f/ Lil Mama & AV- 'Ball'.mp3

    Tags: mama, lyte, ball

    Tags: mama, lucky
  • Csteroc - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, csteroc
  • Twurkk Lil Mama (Dirty).mp3

    Tags: mama, twurkk, dirty
  • J-Light - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, light
  • Witness - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: witness, mama
  • The Circle G'z - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, circle
  • Lil Mama Got Ass - Joc & Freak.mp3

    Tags: mama, freak
  • Magico the Mac Star - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: magico, mama, star

    Tags: produced, gmob, mama, moala
  • Mulan Stacks - Lil Mama Bad (ft Kstylis & Money Mills).mp3

    Tags: kstylis, mills, stacks, mulan, money, mama
  • Malaki - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: malaki, mama
  • Dej Loaf ft. Remy Ma, Ty Dolla $ign, the Lox, Wiz Khalifa,.mp3

    Tags: dolla, remy, loaf, khalifa
  • Chavoe Manifoe - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, manifoe, chavoe
  • Trina - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, trina
  • Royal-T - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: royal, mama
  • Kings of the Kountry - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, kings, kountry
  • Mr. Wickit - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, wickit
  • The Puppies - Hey Lil Mama (funky Y2c).mp3

    Tags: puppies, funky, mama
  • Just Dont Go.mp3

    Tags: dont, just
  • Lil Mama I'm Sorry.mp3

    Tags: mama, sorry
  • Phylle - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, phylle
  • Alan Cave - LiL Mama " New 2014 Single " of Timeless.mp3

    Tags: mama, alan, single, cave, timeless, 2014
  • DJ Nate - Lil Mama Bad As Hell.mp3

    Tags: mama, nate, hell
  • E.Smith - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, smith
  • R.E.G - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama
  • Lil Mama -Lip Gloss (SuperShy Ratchet Trap Remix).mp3

    Tags: remix, trap, mama, gloss, ratchet, supershy
  • Juke Music Get Down Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: music, down, juke, mama
  • Youngcutta - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: youngcutta, mama
  • Lil Boosie Dear Mama.mp3

    Tags: dear, mama, boosie
  • Don P - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama
  • Drop Boi Deezy - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: drop, deezy, mama
  • Mama Told Me Feat. Yo Gotti & Lil STL.mp3

    Tags: feat, mama, gotti, told
  • Black Bottom Lighters - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: black, mama, bottom, lighters
  • GET DOWN LIL MAMA (gantman remixx).. TRAXXMAN.mp3

    Tags: remixx, gantman, traxxman, down, mama
  • black nate debiase - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, nate, black, debiase
  • Shawty Get Loose - Lil Mama feat. Chris Brown and T-Pain.mp3

    Tags: brown, shawty, pain, mama, chris, feat,
  • Alan Cave - Lil Mama (2014).mp3

    Tags: mama, 2014, alan, cave
  • Lip Gloss Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: gloss, mama
  • Boorilla - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: boorilla, mama
  • Alan Cavé New song "Lil Mama".mp3

    Tags: alan, song, é, mama
  • Guttah City - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, city, guttah
  • Khalil - Lil' Mama (feat. Lil Twist).mp3

    Tags: twist, khalil, feat, mama
  • Lil Boosie - Fuck the Police Ft. Webbie.mp3

    Tags: boosie, police, fuck, webbie
  • Young Thug - Lil Mama ft. Guce (

    Tags: digitaldripped, guce, young, thug, mama
  • Riddles - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: riddles, mama
  • Madboy - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: madboy, mama
  • B-Legit - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, legit
  • Ride or Die - Joe Ryan Feat. Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: ryan, ride, feat, mama
  • Lil Mama - Teairra Mari.mp3

    Tags: mama, mari, teairra
  • Island Boyz Cartel - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, boyz, cartel, island
  • Young Ted & Lil' Slick - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, slick, young
  • X.O. - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama
  • LipGloss Lil Mama RemixMashUp.mp3

    Tags: remixmashup, lipgloss, mama
  • Sic-E-Nuff AKA. Hilldogg - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: hilldogg, nuff, mama
  • 50 Cent Ft The Game & Lil Wayne - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, cent, game, wayne
  • Breakdown Kings - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: breakdown, mama, kings
  • Big Tymers - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, tymers
  • Redknight - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: redknight, mama
  • Mannish Da Jula - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mannish, mama, jula
  • Mama Told Me - Zed Zilla feat. Yo Gotti & Lil STL.mp3

    Tags: gotti, told, mama, feat, zilla
  • Lil Mama - Young Thug Ft. Guce.mp3

    Tags: mama, young, guce, thug
  • Riff Raff - Lil Mama I'm Sorry (Dave Luxe Fix).mp3

    Tags: mama, luxe, riff, raff, sorry, dave
  • Koda B - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, koda
  • Ronnie Bell - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, bell, ronnie
  • G.G. - Lil' Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama
  • Lil Mama Bad As Hell - DJ Nate.mp3

    Tags: nate, hell, mama
  • Lil Mama - Lip Gloss (Gold Top Remix).mp3

    Tags: mama, gloss, gold, remix
  • Chauncy Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: chauncy, mama
  • Alan Cave - Lil Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, cave, alan
  • Imajin - Little Mama.mp3

    Tags: little, mama, imajin

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