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  • Juliana Hatfield - Tourist.mp3

    Tags: tourist, juliana, hatfield
  • 02 - Lament.mp3

    Tags: lament
  • Juliana Hatfield - Cells.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield, cells
  • Juliana Hatfield - Unsung.mp3

    Tags: juliana, unsung, hatfield
  • Minor Alps "Buried Plans" (from Get There).mp3

    Tags: buried, there, plans, minor, alps, from
  • Simplicity Is Beautiful (Juliana Hatfield Cover).mp3

    Tags: hatfield, simplicity, beautiful, cover,
  • Juliana Hatfield One.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - On Your Mind.mp3

    Tags: your, juliana, hatfield, mind
  • Juliana Hatfield - Law of Nature.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, nature
  • 10 - Don't Suck My Breath.mp3

    Tags: suck, breath
  • Hotels (Juliana Hatfield cover) (recorded 10 years ago).mp3

    Tags: cover, hotels, years, juliana, recorded,
  • Juliana Hatfield - Don't Wanna Be the One.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, wanna, juliana
  • The Juliana Hatfield Three At The Chapel SF - For The Birds.mp3

    Tags: birds, three, hatfield, juliana, chapel
  • 11 - Tom & Bob.mp3

  • cover-juliana hatfield-live on tomorrow.mp3

    Tags: cover, hatfield, live, juliana, tomorrow
  • Juliana Hatfield - Necessito.mp3

    Tags: necessito, hatfield, juliana
  • If I Could - The Juliana Hatfield Three.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield, could, three
  • 05 - Dead & Gone.mp3

    Tags: gone, dead
  • Juliana Hatfield My Baby (cover).mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield, cover, baby
  • Juliana Hatfield - Friend of Mine.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, mine, friend
  • Juliana Hatfield - 364.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield
  • 06 - From Here To Burma.mp3

    Tags: from, here, burma
  • Needle In The Hay - Juliana Hatfield.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield, needle
  • Juliana Hatfield - The Fact Remains.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield, remains, fact
  • Juliana Hatfield - Evan.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield, evan
  • Somebody Is Waiting For Me (Juliana Hatfield - cover).mp3

    Tags: cover, waiting, hatfield, juliana, somebody
  • Juliana Hatfield - Backseat.mp3

    Tags: juliana, backseat, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Breeders.mp3

    Tags: breeders, hatfield, juliana
  • Juliana Hatfield - Daniel.mp3

    Tags: daniel, juliana, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - My Pet Lion.mp3

    Tags: lion, juliana, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Outsider.mp3

    Tags: juliana, outsider, hatfield
  • Ordinary Guy - The Juliana Hatfield Three.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, ordinary, three
  • Juliana Hatfield - Singing In The Shower.mp3

    Tags: shower, juliana, hatfield, singing
  • I'm Shy - The Juliana Hatfield Three.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, three
  • Universal Heartbeat (Juliana Hatfield cover).mp3

    Tags: hatfield, cover, heartbeat, juliana,
  • Trying Not To Think About It (Juliana Hatfield.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, about, juliana, trying, think
  • Juliana Hatfield - Kitten.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, kitten, juliana
  • 09 - You Don't Give Up.mp3

    Tags: give
  • Juliana Hatfield - Vagabond.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield, vagabond
  • Juliana Hatfield - Close Your Eyes.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, your, close, eyes, juliana
  • Ordinary Guy - The Juliana Hatfield Three.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, three, juliana, ordinary
  • Juliana Hatfield - Shining On.mp3

    Tags: juliana, shining, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Such a Beautiful Girl (feat. Matthew.mp3

    Tags: matthew, girl, juliana, beautiful, such,
  • Juliana Hatfield - Ok Ok.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana
  • Juliana Hatfield - Butterflies.mp3

    Tags: butterflies, juliana, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - On Video.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield, video
  • Juliana hatfield in Silly Goofball Pomes.mp3

    Tags: pomes, hatfield, silly, juliana, goofball
  • Juliana Hatfield - Fruit Fly.mp3

    Tags: fruit, juliana, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Hang Down From Heaven.mp3

    Tags: heaven, down, juliana, from, hang, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Closet.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, closet
  • Juliana Hatfield - 1993-12-16 - Copenhagen - He'd be a.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, 1993, copenhagen, juliana
  • Taillights Fade - Juliana Hatfield.mp3

    Tags: taillights, hatfield, fade, juliana
  • 12 - Interview.mp3

    Tags: interview
  • If I Could - The Juliana Hatfield Three.mp3

    Tags: could, hatfield, three, juliana
  • Juliana Hatfield - Down On Me.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, down
  • Juliana Hatfield - Don't Let Me Down.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, down
  • My Sister Juliana Hatfield Tato Pablo Hilde.mp3

    Tags: juliana, pablo, hilde, sister, hatfield,
  • Juliana Hatfield - My Pet Lion.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, lion
  • Juliana Hatfield - Bad Moon Rising.mp3

    Tags: rising, hatfield, moon, juliana
  • Juliana Hatfield - Silly Goofball Poems.mp3

    Tags: silly, juliana, poems, goofball, hatfield
  • Episode 89- John Strohm (Part 2).mp3

    Tags: john, episode, strohm, part
  • Juliana Hatfield - Live On Tomorrow.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, tomorrow, live, juliana
  • 08 Let's Go Home.mp3

    Tags: home
  • Juliana Hatfield - Selfmachine.mp3

    Tags: juliana, selfmachine, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Congratulations.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, congratulations
  • Juliana Hatfield - My Darling.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, darling
  • Juliana Hatfield - If Only We Were Dogs.mp3

    Tags: dogs, only, hatfield, were, juliana
  • 07 Evan.mp3

    Tags: evan
  • Juliana Hatfield - Batteries.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, batteries
  • Juliana Hatfield - Now I'm Gone.mp3

    Tags: gone, juliana, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Going Blonde.mp3

    Tags: juliana, going, blonde, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Taxicab.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield, taxicab
  • Juliana Hatfield - Somebody Is Waiting for Me.mp3

    Tags: juliana, waiting, somebody, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Just Lust.mp3

    Tags: lust, just, juliana, hatfield
  • My Sister(Juliana Hatfield Cover).mp3

    Tags: juliana, cover, hatfield, sister
  • dying proof (juliana hatfield cover).mp3

    Tags: juliana, cover, dying, hatfield, proof
  • $1000 Wedding (Gram Parsons Cover - deutsche Übersetzung).mp3

    Tags: 1000, gram, bersetzung, deutsche, cover,
  • cover - juliana hatfield - bottles and flowers.mp3

    Tags: flowers, cover, hatfield, bottles, juliana
  • Juliana Hatfield - My Baby....mp3

    Tags: hatfield, baby, juliana
  • "Choose Drugs" - Juliana Hatfield.mp3

    Tags: choose, juliana, hatfield, drugs
  • Minor Alps "I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands" (from.mp3

    Tags: with, what, minor, know, hands, from, alps
  • Juliana Hatfield - It Should've Been You.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, should, been, juliana
  • Wood - The Juliana Hatfield Three.mp3

    Tags: three, hatfield, wood, juliana
  • Juliana Hatfield - Oh.mp3

    Tags: juliana, hatfield
  • Richard Butler - This Lonely Love (feat. Richard Butler).mp3

    Tags: richard, this, love, butler, lonely, feat
  • Juliana Hatfield Two.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana
  • Juliana Hatfield - Hotels.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, juliana, hotels
  • Juliana Hatfield - I Want To Want You.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, want, juliana
  • 07 - Grateful.mp3

    Tags: grateful
  • Juliana Hatfield - A Beer and a Shot.mp3

    Tags: beer, shot, juliana, hatfield
  • 01 - Outta My Head.mp3

    Tags: head, outta
  • Juliana Hatfield - Failure.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, failure, juliana
  • The Juliana Hatfield Three At The Chapel SF - Feelin'.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, three, chapel, juliana, feelin
  • The Juliana Hatfield Three 2015-03-02 I Don't Wanna Hear It.mp3

    Tags: 2015, juliana, hear, hatfield, wanna, three
  • Juliana Hatfield - Forever.mp3

    Tags: forever, juliana, hatfield
  • The Juliana Hatfield Three At The Chapel SF - President.mp3

    Tags: juliana, chapel, president, three, hatfield
  • If I Could - The Juliana Hatfield Three.mp3

    Tags: three, could, juliana, hatfield
  • Juliana Hatfield - Sunshine.mp3

    Tags: hatfield, sunshine, juliana
  • 09 Hold Your Breath.mp3

    Tags: hold, your, breath

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