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  • Har Mar Superstar "Lady You Shot Me" Live at KDHX 5/7/13.mp3

    Tags: live, kdhx, lady, shot, superstar
  • Tall Boy.mp3

    Tags: tall
  • Transit.mp3

    Tags: transit
  • Never My Love (w/ Adam Green).mp3

    Tags: love, never, green, adam
  • Body Request.mp3

    Tags: request, body
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 10" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: track, superstar
  • Trevor Moore - Drunk Texts to Myself: Volume II (feat. Har.mp3

    Tags: texts, myself, moore, trevor, drunk, feat,
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 4" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: track, superstar
  • DUI.mp3

  • Ruby Isle - Sweet Child O' Mine (feat. Har Mar Superstar).mp3

    Tags: ruby, mine, isle, sweet, feat, superstar,
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 7" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: superstar, track
  • One More Try (ft. Har Mar Superstar).mp3

    Tags: superstar, more
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 6" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: superstar, track
  • Har Mar Superstar "Creative Juices" Tick and Lem Jay Remix.mp3

    Tags: superstar, juices, creative, tick, remix
  • Spank Rock - Trick For Treat.mp3

    Tags: spank, treat, rock, trick
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 5" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: track, superstar
  • Har Mar Superstar - Tall Boy (Horny Andy Rmx).mp3

    Tags: superstar, tall, horny, andy
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 9" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: superstar, track
  • Lady, You Shot Me.mp3

    Tags: shot, lady
  • Prisoner (feat. Fabrizio Moretti).mp3

    Tags: prisoner, moretti, fabrizio, feat
  • Alone Again (Naturally).mp3

    Tags: again, naturally, alone
  • Lady, You Shot Me - Har Mar Superstar.mp3

    Tags: superstar, shot, lady
  • Gayngs - One More Try (Feat Har Mar Superstar).mp3

    Tags: more, feat, gayngs, superstar
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 11" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: track, superstar
  • Prisoner - Har Mar Superstar (AdiX Remix).mp3

    Tags: prisoner, superstar, adix, remix
  • Har-Mar Superstar - Cut Me Up (feat. Karen O).mp3

    Tags: superstar, feat, karen
  • Tall Boy - Har Mar Superstar (2tom182 Remix).mp3

    Tags: tall, 2tom182, remix, superstar
  • Northern State - Summer Never Ends.mp3

    Tags: summer, state, never, ends, northern
  • Gayngs - One More Try (Feat Har Mar Superstar).mp3

    Tags: more, gayngs, superstar, feat
  • Girls Only.mp3

    Tags: only, girls
  • KINK Mornings w/ Dan & Sheila: Har Mar Superstar - November.mp3

    Tags: mornings, kink, sheila, superstar, november
  • Har Mar Superstar "Prisoner" Live at KDHX 5/7/13.mp3

    Tags: kdhx, prisoner, live, superstar
  • Sing Karaoke Sing - D.U.I.mp3

    Tags: karaoke, sing
  • EZ Pass.mp3

    Tags: pass
  • Har Mar Superstar - Tall Boy [Professor LaCroix Remix].mp3

    Tags: professor, tall, lacroix, superstar, remix
  • Har Mar Superstar, soul graveleuse - Une chronique de.mp3

    Tags: chronique, graveleuse, superstar, soul
  • Har Mar Superstar - Restless Leg.mp3

    Tags: restless, superstar
  • Har Mar Superstar "Everywhere I'm Local" Live at KDHX.mp3

    Tags: local, everywhere, live, kdhx, superstar
  • Sklarbro County 32 (w/Har Mar Superstar, Dan Van Kirk).mp3

    Tags: sklarbro, kirk, superstar, county
  • One More Try (featuring Har Mar Superstar).mp3

    Tags: superstar, more, featuring
  • Har Mar Superstar - Tall Boy (2Cage RMX).mp3

    Tags: tall, superstar, 2cage
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 1" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: superstar, track
  • Cut Me Up (w/ Karen O).mp3

    Tags: karen
  • Clip: Har Mar Superstar, Caveman - Let Me Ruin Your.mp3

    Tags: your, superstar, caveman, clip, ruin
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 3" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: superstar, track
  • Bedtime for Toys - Alphaville (feat. Har Mar Superstar).mp3

    Tags: feat, toys, bedtime, alphaville, superstar
  • Clip- Jon Daly, Har Mar Superstar - HE HAS RISEN.mp3

    Tags: risen, clip, daly, superstar
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 2" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: superstar, track
  • The Fusion - Har Mar Superstar interview 2013.mp3

    Tags: superstar, 2013, fusion, interview
  • Har Mar Superstar talks new album and his stage persona.mp3

    Tags: superstar, album, stage, talks, persona
  • Restless Leg.mp3

    Tags: restless
  • Har Mar Superstar - Prisoner.mp3

    Tags: prisoner, superstar
  • Har Mar Superstar - Tall Boy [Geniu5 RMX].mp3

    Tags: superstar, geniu5, tall
  • Har Mar Superstar - "Track 8" 10.19.12.mp3

    Tags: superstar, track
  • Young Things - Goodbye Sexual.mp3

    Tags: sexual, goodbye, young, things
  • Sunshine.mp3

    Tags: sunshine
  • Power Lunch (w/ Beth Ditto).mp3

    Tags: ditto, beth, power, lunch

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