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  • Freddy Fender - Talk To Me.mp3

    Tags: talk, fender, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - Silver Wings.mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy, silver, wings
  • Freddy Fender - Crazy Crazy Baby.mp3

    Tags: fender, baby, crazy, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - (Graduation Night) As You Pass Me By.mp3

    Tags: night, graduation, freddy, pass, fender
  • Trujillo - Freddy Fender.mp3

    Tags: freddy, fender, trujillo
  • Freddy Fender - Goodbye Clothes.mp3

    Tags: freddy, fender, clothes, goodbye
  • Freddy Fender - Vaya Con Dios.mp3

    Tags: dios, vaya, fender, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - Dices Que Me Quieres.mp3

    Tags: quieres, freddy, fender, dices
  • Freddy Fender - Mi Nena.mp3

    Tags: nena, freddy, fender
  • Freddy Fender - These Arms Of Mine.mp3

    Tags: fender, these, freddy, arms, mine
  • Freddy Fender - Wasted Days & Wasted Nights.mp3

    Tags: nights, wasted, fender, freddy, days
  • Freddy Fender - Ya No.mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - No Esta Aqui.mp3

    Tags: esta, aqui, fender, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - Que Soledad.mp3

    Tags: soledad, fender, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - Wasted Days and Wasted Nights.mp3

    Tags: freddy, nights, wasted, fender, days
  • Freddy Fender - Que Mala.mp3

    Tags: mala, freddy, fender
  • Freddy Fender - Knocking On Heavens Door.mp3

    Tags: door, heavens, freddy, knocking, fender
  • Freddy Fender - Aqui Estoy Yo.mp3

    Tags: estoy, fender, aqui, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - Desde Que Conosco.mp3

    Tags: freddy, fender, conosco, desde
  • Freddy Fender - Cowboy Cumbia.mp3

    Tags: freddy, fender, cumbia, cowboy
  • Freddy Fender - I'm Leaving It All Up To You.mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy, leaving
  • Freddy Fender - Acapulco Rock.mp3

    Tags: rock, fender, acapulco, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - Jambalaya.mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy, jambalaya
  • Freddy Fender - I Just Call to Say I Love You.mp3

    Tags: freddy, just, love, fender, call
  • Freddy Fender - Before The Next Teardrop Falls.mp3

    Tags: next, fender, before, teardrop, falls,
  • Freddy Fender - No La Vuelvo A Ver.mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy, vuelvo
  • Freddy Fender - Lucy, Lucy.mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy, lucy
  • Freddy Fender - Intros & Interlude.mp3

    Tags: fender, interlude, freddy, intros
  • Freddy Fender - Whiskey River.mp3

    Tags: whiskey, river, freddy, fender
  • Freddy Fender - Love Me Tender.mp3

    Tags: tender, fender, love, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - Silver Wings.mp3

    Tags: fender, silver, wings, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - High School Dance.mp3

    Tags: high, school, freddy, dance, fender
  • Freddy Fender - Dias y Noches Perdidas.mp3

    Tags: freddy, dias, noches, perdidas, fender
  • Freddy Fender - Margaritaville.mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy, margaritaville
  • Freddy Fender - Secret Love.mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy, love, secret
  • Freddy Fender - Sweet Summer Day.mp3

    Tags: freddy, summer, fender, sweet
  • Freddy Fender - Dime Si Me Vas A Ver.mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy, dime
  • Freddy Fender - It's 3 A.m..mp3

    Tags: fender, freddy
  • Freddy Fender - Mathilda.mp3

    Tags: freddy, mathilda, fender
  • Freddy Fender - (We've Got to) Stop and Think It Over.mp3

    Tags: freddy, fender, over, stop, think

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