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  • Where I'm Going (Lotus Plaza Cover).mp3

    Tags: going, plaza, cover, where, lotus
  • Cult (Demo).mp3

    Tags: demo, cult
  • Reeves feat. Alanah vs Dominic Plaza - Lonely Sounds.mp3

    Tags: alanah, plaza, feat, reeves, dominic,
  • Dominic Plaza - Sounds Rushing (The Stunning Sound 2012.mp3

    Tags: rushing, plaza, stunning, 2012, sounds,
  • Last Rhythm - Parham & Dominic Plaza Remix.mp3

    Tags: plaza, remix, rhythm, dominic, parham, last
  • Solarity vs. Dominic Plaza - Primordial Sounds (Vexilium.mp3

    Tags: plaza, vexilium, solarity, dominic, sounds,
  • .mp3

  • Download Dominic Plaza Feat. Eleana Sonford - Sounds.mp3

    Tags: download, plaza, sounds, eleana, feat,
  • Matt Darey vs Dominic Plaza - Eternally Rushing.mp3

    Tags: rushing, dominic, darey, matt, plaza,
  • Dominic Plaza - Voices [JOIA].mp3

    Tags: plaza, dominic, voices, joia
  • Jamie Lynn Spears - How Could I Want More.mp3

    Tags: spears, could, lynn, more, want, jamie
  • The Quantum Mechanics - Neutrons [INDIGO RAW].mp3

    Tags: neutrons, indigo, mechanics, quantum
  • Snowman (Demo).mp3

    Tags: snowman, demo
  • Parham&Dominic Plaza vs Krüger&Coyle (vinyl).mp3

    Tags: parham, vinyl, plaza, coyle, dominic
  • Sound Design for the new NIKE collection..mp3

    Tags: collection, design, sound, nike
  • Dominic Plaza @ AustralMixing Exclusive Mix 101.mp3

    Tags: dominic, exclusive, plaza, australmixing
  • The Quantum Mechanics - Mind Tricks [UNFOKUSED].mp3

    Tags: mind, tricks, unfokused, quantum, mechanics
  • DJ Tiesto (Latin) - Dominic Plaza - Sounds Rushing.mp3

    Tags: sounds, dominic, plaza, latin, rushing,

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