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  • Felix Cartal - Ready For Love (feat. Chloe Angelides).mp3

    Tags: felix, love, cartal, chloe, angelides, feat,
  • Don Byas - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: byas, chloe
  • Stephen Swartz - Survivor (Feat Chloe Angelides).mp3

    Tags: survivor, angelides, chloe, swartz, feat,
  • Jay Prince - Polaroids (Chloe Martini Remix).mp3

    Tags: martini, chloe, remix, prince, polaroids
  • Plas Johnson - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, johnson, plas
  • Benny Goodman and His Orchestra - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: goodman, orchestra, benny, chloe
  • Rumour [clip].mp3

    Tags: rumour, clip
  • Cerrone - Chloé.mp3

    Tags: cerrone, chloé
  • Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Chloe Martini Jersey Edit).mp3

    Tags: destiny, edit, child, name, chloe, martini,
  • Disappointed [clip].mp3

    Tags: clip, disappointed
  • DJ Space'C - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, space
  • All Star Orchestra - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: orchestra, chloe, star
  • Big Shifter - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: shifter, chloe
  • White Lies - Vicetone (ft. Chloe Angelides).mp3

    Tags: white, vicetone, chloe, lies, angelides
  • Chloe - Emblem3.mp3

    Tags: emblem3, chloe
  • Felix Cartal - Ready For Love (feat. Chloe Angelides).mp3

    Tags: love, felix, chloe, angelides, feat, cartal,
  • Duke Ellington and Orchestra - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: orchestra, chloe, ellington, duke
  • Sia - Chandelier (Chloe Martini Remix).mp3

    Tags: chandelier, martini, chloe, remix
  • Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, orchestra, tommy, dorsey
  • Paul Horn - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, horn, paul
  • "Chloe" - Mike G.mp3

    Tags: mike, chloe
  • Chloe Martini - Unknown Ft. Shae Jacobs.mp3

    Tags: jacobs, chloe, unknown, martini, shae
  • Felix Cartal / Chloe Angelides - Ready For Love ( Touliver.mp3

    Tags: angelides, touliver, ready, chloe, felix,
  • The O'Neill Brothers Group - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: brothers, group, chloe, neill
  • Chloe Martini - Temptation.mp3

    Tags: temptation, chloe, martini
  • Talk Dirty - MattyBRaps ft. Chloe Channell.mp3

    Tags: chloe, mattybraps, channell, dirty, talk
  • Penthouse Penthouse & Chloe Martini - Closer (FREE DL).mp3

    Tags: closer, free, penthouse, chloe, martini
  • Spike Jones - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: spike, jones, chloe
  • Paper Heart [clip].mp3

    Tags: paper, heart, clip
  • Around ft. Christian Leave and Chloe Cholaluca.mp3

    Tags: christian, cholaluca, leave, chloe, around
  • Get Your Popcorn, Bitch: Yam And Chloe Go To The Movies.mp3

    Tags: bitch, popcorn, movies, your, chloe
  • Vinnie Colaiuta - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: colaiuta, vinnie, chloe
  • Duke Ellington - Chloé.mp3

    Tags: duke, ellington, chloé
  • Nat Adderley - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: adderley, chloe
  • Chloe Martini - Get Enough Ft. Alyss.mp3

    Tags: chloe, alyss, enough, martini
  • Peter "Banjo" Meyer - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: meyer, peter, chloe, banjo
  • Bobby Ingano - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: bobby, chloe, ingano
  • I Wish I Could Tell You.mp3

    Tags: tell, could, wish
  • Lil Wayne - Something you forgot.mp3

    Tags: forgot, something, wayne
  • Ray Conniff - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: conniff, chloe
  • Ciara - Ride it (Remix ft Chloe Martini).mp3

    Tags: chloe, ciara, martini, ride, remix
  • Love Won't Make You Cry (CD now on iTunes).mp3

    Tags: itunes, make, love
  • Shelly Manne - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, shelly, manne
  • Brownstone - If You Love Me (Chloe Martini Remix).mp3

    Tags: love, chloe, martini, remix, brownstone
  • Nat Adderley - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: adderley, chloe
  • Grouplove - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, grouplove
  • Mickey Baker - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: mickey, baker, chloe
  • Don Byas - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: byas, chloe
  • Rumour (Unicorn Kid remix).mp3

    Tags: unicorn, remix, rumour
  • Paper Heart (Arches Remix).mp3

    Tags: heart, paper, remix, arches
  • Al Cohn - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: cohn, chloe
  • Erin McElroy, Chloe Vauldary and Dr Philip Nitschke. Aug.mp3

    Tags: mcelroy, vauldary, nitschke, chloe, philip,
  • Sinead Harnett - She Ain't Me (Chloe Martini Refix).mp3

    Tags: refix, sinead, harnett, chloe, martini
  • Talk Dirty (Radio 1 Live Lounge cover).mp3

    Tags: live, lounge, dirty, radio, cover, talk
  • RÜFÜS - Take Me (Chloe Martini Remix).mp3

    Tags: martini, remix, chloe, take
  • Mike G - Chloé.mp3

    Tags: chloé, mike
  • Solo For Chloë.mp3

    Tags: solo, chlo
  • Alicia Keys - U Don't Know My Name (Chloe Martini Remix).mp3

    Tags: remix, know, keys, martini, alicia, chloe,
  • This Song's Not About You [demo].mp3

    Tags: this, about, demo, song
  • Rumour (YACHT remix).mp3

    Tags: rumour, remix, yacht
  • Benny Goodman - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, benny, goodman
  • Valaida Snow - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: snow, valaida, chloe
  • Felix Cartal - Ready For Love (feat. Chloe Angelides) [TAI.mp3

    Tags: ready, felix, love, chloe, angelides,
  • Kahn - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, kahn
  • Tommy Dorsey - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: tommy, dorsey, chloe
  • Janelle Monáe - PrimeTime ft. Miguel [Chloe Martini Remix].mp3

    Tags: miguel, primetime, janelle, remix, chloe,
  • The Melachrino Orchestra - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: melachrino, orchestra, chloe
  • The Everly Brothers - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: everly, chloe, brothers
  • Louis Armstrong - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, armstrong, louis
  • Ben Webster - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, webster
  • Felix Cartal - Ready For Love (feat. Chloe Angelides).mp3

    Tags: love, felix, cartal, feat, ready, chloe,
  • Ry Cooder - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, cooder
  • No Strings [clip].mp3

    Tags: strings, clip
  • Al Jolson - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, jolson
  • Blood or Whiskey - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, whiskey, blood
  • Instrumental All Stars - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, instrumental, stars
  • The Happy Birthday Singers - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: birthday, happy, singers, chloe
  • Art Tatum - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, tatum
  • The Episode That Chloe Won, Assisted By Simeon Goodson.mp3

    Tags: goodson, chloe, that, assisted, episode,
  • Chloe Martini - Candy (from Heartbreaks & Promises.mp3

    Tags: candy, heartbreaks, promises, from, martini,
  • Ben Webster - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: webster, chloe
  • Ray Anthony - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, anthony
  • Dinah Shore - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, shore, dinah
  • How Proud.mp3

    Tags: proud
  • Andrea Belluzzi - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: belluzzi, chloe, andrea
  • Chloe (Jungle Book VIP).mp3

    Tags: book, jungle, chloe
  • Cal Tjader - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: tjader, chloe
  • Vicetone ft. Chloe Angelides - White Lies (OUT NOW).mp3

    Tags: vicetone, white, chloe, lies, angelides
  • Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: duke, ellington, orchestra, chloe
  • Peter Vamos - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, vamos, peter
  • Sex Was Good.mp3

    Tags: good
  • Beyonce- Pretty Hurts (Chloe and Halle Cover).mp3

    Tags: halle, beyonce, hurts, chloe, pretty, cover
  • Duke Ellington - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: ellington, duke, chloe
  • Chloe Martini - Volatile Dreams Ft. Azteka.mp3

    Tags: volatile, chloe, azteka, dreams, martini
  • Ben Webster - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: webster, chloe
  • Anne-Marie - Stole (Chloe Martini Refix).mp3

    Tags: stole, refix, marie, martini, chloe, anne
  • Fats Waller - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: waller, chloe, fats
  • No Strings (Brolin Remix).mp3

    Tags: strings, remix, brolin
  • Dinah Shore - Chloe.mp3

    Tags: chloe, shore, dinah
  • Girls and Boys.mp3

    Tags: boys, girls

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