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  • Barney Kessel & Red Mitchell - Wave.mp3

    Tags: kessel, mitchell, wave, barney
  • Silent Night.mp3

    Tags: night, silent
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Love Is Here to Stay.mp3

    Tags: band, love, here, plus, stay, kessel, barney
  • Car Pet Blues.mp3

    Tags: blues
  • Ray Brown - (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over.mp3

    Tags: afraid, brown, masquerade, over
  • 1959 Kay Barney Kessel Artist archtop hollowbody electric.mp3

    Tags: archtop, artist, hollowbody, barney, 1959,
  • Aquarius (Instrumental).mp3

    Tags: aquarius, instrumental
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Sweet Georgia Brown.mp3

    Tags: barney, kessel, sweet, band, plus, brown,
  • BK Blues.mp3

    Tags: blues
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - You Came a Long Way from St..mp3

    Tags: from, came, plus, band, barney, kessel, long
  • Round Midnight2.mp3

    Tags: midnight2, round
  • Saturday Stroll.mp3

    Tags: stroll, saturday
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Love for Sale.mp3

    Tags: love, kessel, sale, plus, barney, band
  • Ray Brown - Little Susie.mp3

    Tags: susie, little, brown
  • Mauricio Einhorn e Sebasti?o Tapaj?s - Tema pro Barney.mp3

    Tags: einhorn, sebasti, tapaj, barney, mauricio,
  • Blues For Howard.mp3

    Tags: howard, blues
  • Cry Me A River - Julie London.mp3

    Tags: julie, river, london
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Bye Bye Blues.mp3

    Tags: plus, band, barney, kessel, blues
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Just In Time.mp3

    Tags: barney, plus, band, kessel, just, time
  • Be Deedle De Do - Barney Kessel playing by me.mp3

    Tags: barney, deedle, kessel, playing
  • Chilling In A Foggy San Francisco Day.mp3

    Tags: chilling, foggy, francisco
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - They Can't Take That Away.mp3

    Tags: kessel, away, that, plus, take, band,
  • Ray Brown - Volare.mp3

    Tags: brown, volare
  • Barney Kessel.mp3

    Tags: kessel, barney
  • Ray Brown - I Hear Music.mp3

    Tags: music, hear, brown
  • Where Do I Go?(TDN remix).mp3

    Tags: remix, where
  • Ray Brown - You Go To My Head.mp3

    Tags: head, brown
  • Chitlins com carne.mp3

    Tags: carne, chitlins
  • Sunstreet.mp3

    Tags: sunstreet
  • I'm Not There (Elliot Collett) Foppstar Amplification /.mp3

    Tags: collett, amplification, elliot, there,
  • Oscar Peterson - Just A-Sittin' And A-Rockin'.mp3

    Tags: rockin, sittin, oscar, peterson, just
  • swinging in keekle :-).mp3

    Tags: keekle, swinging
  • Ray Brown - On Green Dolphin Street.mp3

    Tags: street, green, brown, dolphin
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Tumbling Tumbleweeds.mp3

    Tags: tumbleweeds, band, barney, kessel, tumbling,
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - String Of Pearls.mp3

    Tags: barney, plus, band, string, kessel, pearls
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - They Can't Take That Away.mp3

    Tags: take, plus, that, kessel, away, band,
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Embraceable You.mp3

    Tags: barney, embraceable, plus, kessel, band
  • Lazy Flamingo Must Bounce (STBB #375 Non-entry).mp3

    Tags: entry, bounce, lazy, flamingo, must, stbb
  • Ray Brown - Easy Living.mp3

    Tags: easy, brown, living
  • A Happy Little Song (Barney Kessel cover).mp3

    Tags: happy, barney, song, cover, kessel, little
  • Barney Kessel - The Look of Love (Burt Bacharach).mp3

    Tags: love, bacharach, kessel, look, barney, burt
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Time Remembered.mp3

    Tags: plus, time, band, kessel, barney, remembered
  • Oscar Peterson - Let?s Call the Whole Thing Off (feat..mp3

    Tags: call, whole, oscar, thing, peterson, feat
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Good Li'l Man.mp3

    Tags: good, band, kessel, plus, barney
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Heartaches.mp3

    Tags: heartaches, kessel, barney, band, plus
  • MINOR MODE.mp3

    Tags: minor, mode
  • Ray Brown - Rain Check.mp3

    Tags: check, rain, brown
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Summertime.mp3

    Tags: plus, kessel, band, barney, summertime
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - My Old Flame.mp3

    Tags: barney, kessel, plus, band, flame
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - It Ain't Necessarily So.mp3

    Tags: band, necessarily, kessel, barney, plus
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - You Came a Long Way Form St..mp3

    Tags: plus, long, form, kessel, came, barney, band
  • Ray Brown - The Little Rhumba.mp3

    Tags: little, brown, rhumba
  • Autumn Leaves - ala Barney.mp3

    Tags: barney, autumn, leaves
  • I'm Old Fashioned.mp3

    Tags: fashioned
  • Ray Brown - Mack the Knife.mp3

    Tags: knife, brown, mack
  • The Look Of Love (Free Download).mp3

    Tags: look, download, love, free
  • break in the clouds.mp3

    Tags: clouds, break
  • Easy like - Barney Kessel cover.mp3

    Tags: like, barney, cover, kessel, easy
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Topsy.mp3

    Tags: kessel, topsy, band, plus, barney
  • Minor Mood.mp3

    Tags: minor, mood
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - A String of Pearls.mp3

    Tags: kessel, string, plus, barney, pearls, band
  • Barney Homage by Sympatico (duo).mp3

    Tags: homage, barney, sympatico
  • The Look Of Love (Instrumental).mp3

    Tags: instrumental, love, look
  • Oscar Peterson - S Wonderful (feat. Oscar Peterson, Charlie.mp3

    Tags: peterson, wonderful, oscar, charlie, feat
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - My Funny Valentine.mp3

    Tags: band, barney, kessel, funny, plus, valentine
  • Anthonality.mp3

    Tags: anthonality
  • Ray Brown - Satin Doll.mp3

    Tags: doll, brown, satin
  • some kinda way.mp3

    Tags: some, kinda
  • Oscar Peterson - Cheek To Cheek.mp3

    Tags: peterson, oscar, cheek
  • Ray Brown - Minor Mystery.mp3

    Tags: mystery, brown, minor
  • Old Flame(Solo Guitar,unplugged , Barney Kessel ver.).mp3

    Tags: barney, solo, flame, kessel, unplugged,
  • sleep (free DL).mp3

    Tags: free, sleep
  • Oscar Peterson - I Won?t Dance (feat. Oscar Peterson,.mp3

    Tags: peterson, dance, oscar, feat
  • Ray Brown - Jordu.mp3

    Tags: brown, jordu
  • Barney Kessel - Speak Low.mp3

    Tags: speak, barney, kessel
  • Take It Easy (Tribute to Barney Kessel).mp3

    Tags: kessel, easy, barney, tribute, take
  • Ray Brown - It Could Happen To You.mp3

    Tags: brown, happen, could
  • Oscar Peterson - Fascinating Rhythm (feat. Oscar Peterson,.mp3

    Tags: feat, fascinating, rhythm, peterson, oscar
  • Ray Brown - Crisis.mp3

    Tags: brown, crisis
  • Blue Boy - Barney Kessel playing by me.mp3

    Tags: playing, barney, blue, kessel
  • Besame Mucho - ala Wes.mp3

    Tags: mucho, besame
  • Ray Brown - It's All Right with Me.mp3

    Tags: right, with, brown
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Jersey.mp3

    Tags: plus, band, kessel, barney, jersey
  • Chet Baker - End of the Line.mp3

    Tags: chet, baker, line
  • Oscar Peterson - Prelude To A Kiss.mp3

    Tags: kiss, peterson, prelude, oscar
  • Barney Kessel - TV Commercials.mp3

    Tags: kessel, commercials, barney
  • Chega De Saudade.mp3

    Tags: chega, saudade
  • Misty.mp3

    Tags: misty
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Let's Cook.mp3

    Tags: cook, plus, kessel, barney, band
  • Ray Brown - Angel Eyes.mp3

    Tags: angel, brown, eyes
  • Yesterday.mp3

    Tags: yesterday
  • Oscar Peterson - Isn?t This a Lovely Day (feat. Oscar.mp3

    Tags: this, feat, peterson, lovely, oscar
  • Ray Brown - Soft Winds.mp3

    Tags: soft, winds, brown
  • Barney Kessel Plus Big Band - Summertime.mp3

    Tags: plus, barney, summertime, band, kessel

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