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  • Take It Easy (Tribute to Barney Kessel).mp3

    Tags: barney, kessel, take, easy, tribute
  • Sunstreet.mp3

    Tags: sunstreet
  • Barney Kessel - TV Commercials.mp3

    Tags: kessel, commercials, barney
  • Easy Like.mp3

    Tags: like, easy
  • Old Flame(Solo Guitar,unplugged , Barney Kessel ver.).mp3

    Tags: barney, solo, kessel, unplugged, flame,
  • Autumn Leaves - ala Barney.mp3

    Tags: barney, leaves, autumn
  • Blue Boy - Barney Kessel playing by me.mp3

    Tags: playing, blue, kessel, barney
  • Mauricio Einhorn e Sebastião Tapajós - Tema pro Barney.mp3

    Tags: tema, mauricio, einhorn, barney, tapaj,
  • Dzezva 2012-10-14.mp3

    Tags: 2012, dzezva
  • Soulection Radio Show #187 w/ Sango.mp3

    Tags: show, soulection, radio, sango
  • Chet Baker - End of the Line.mp3

    Tags: chet, baker, line
  • the look of love - jam.mp3

    Tags: look, love
  • Ruck N' Wiz - A Journey Through The Samples.mp3

    Tags: through, ruck, journey, samples
  • Where Do I Go?(TDN remix).mp3

    Tags: remix, where
  • Ruck N' Wiz - A Journey Through The Samples Part 2.mp3

    Tags: through, journey, ruck, part, samples
  • Barney Kessel & Red Mitchell - Wave.mp3

    Tags: barney, mitchell, kessel, wave
  • Minor mode arrange.mp3

    Tags: arrange, minor, mode
  • Elle.mp3

    Tags: elle
  • Dzezva 2013-11-24.mp3

    Tags: dzezva, 2013
  • some kinda way.mp3

    Tags: some, kinda
  • BK Blues.mp3

    Tags: blues
  • Together (Lead vocal by Greg Gilford & Tony Thomas).mp3

    Tags: thomas, gilford, together, vocal, greg,
  • swinging in keekle :-).mp3

    Tags: keekle, swinging
  • 1959 Kay Barney Kessel Artist archtop hollowbody electric.mp3

    Tags: artist, barney, hollowbody, kessel, 1959,
  • Radio Juicy Vol. 55 (40 Minutes of my Life by Chief).mp3

    Tags: chief, life, juicy, radio, minutes
  • break in the clouds.mp3

    Tags: break, clouds
  • I'm Not There (Elliot Collett) Foppstar Amplification /.mp3

    Tags: there, collett, amplification, elliot,
  • Saturday Stroll.mp3

    Tags: stroll, saturday
  • Misty.mp3

    Tags: misty
  • Besame Mucho - ala Wes.mp3

    Tags: mucho, besame
  • Someone (written & performed by Greg Max Gilford,.mp3

    Tags: written, someone, gilford, greg, performed
  • S - M Interlude - New Version.mp3

    Tags: version, interlude
  • A Happy Little Song (Barney Kessel cover).mp3

    Tags: happy, barney, little, cover, kessel, song
  • guitar beats.mp3

    Tags: beats, guitar
  • Barney Homage by Sympatico (duo).mp3

    Tags: barney, homage, sympatico
  • Easy like - Barney Kessel cover.mp3

    Tags: barney, cover, kessel, like, easy
  • Playlist Rhythm Slow to Fast.mp3

    Tags: playlist, rhythm, slow, fast
  • Cry Me A River.mp3

    Tags: river
  • Anthonality.mp3

    Tags: anthonality
  • 40 minutes of my life by Chief for Radio Juicy.mp3

    Tags: chief, juicy, radio, minutes, life
  • Beat 24.mp3

    Tags: beat
  • Cry Me A River - Julie London.mp3

    Tags: julie, river, london
  • Barney Kessel - The Look of Love (Burt Bacharach).mp3

    Tags: kessel, love, burt, look, barney, bacharach
  • Eric Lau - Gilles Peterson Worldwide International Mix 2008.mp3

    Tags: gilles, peterson, international, worldwide,
  • I'm Old Fashioned.mp3

    Tags: fashioned
  • Lazy Flamingo Must Bounce (STBB #375 Non-entry).mp3

    Tags: bounce, stbb, entry, lazy, flamingo, must
  • Minor Mood.mp3

    Tags: mood, minor
  • Be Deedle De Do - Barney Kessel playing by me.mp3

    Tags: barney, deedle, playing, kessel
  • Radius Q - kesselofcops.mp3

    Tags: radius, kesselofcops
  • Chitlins com carne.mp3

    Tags: chitlins, carne

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