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  • Alesana - A Gilded Masquerade.mp3

    Tags: gilded, masquerade, alesana
  • Lunatic's Lament (Alesana Cover).mp3

    Tags: lament, alesana, lunatic, cover
  • Alesana - The Lover lyrics.mp3

    Tags: lover, lyrics, alesana
  • Alesana - Goodbye, Goodnight for Good.mp3

    Tags: goodbye, alesana, goodnight, good
  • Alesana.mp3

    Tags: alesana
  • CLEAN - Ways To Go - Live Coachella.mp3

    Tags: clean, live, coachella, ways
  • Early Mourning ~ Alesana (Cover).mp3

    Tags: cover, mourning, early, alesana
  • ALESANA - Better Luck Next Time Prince Charming.mp3

    Tags: next, time, charming, better, luck, prince,
  • 02 Ugly Boy.mp3

    Tags: ugly
  • 13 Alesana - Obsession Is Such An Ugly World.mp3

    Tags: such, alesana, world, obsession, ugly
  • Alesana - goodbye goodnight for good.mp3

    Tags: alesana, good, goodnight, goodbye
  • Alesana - And They Call This Tragedy.mp3

    Tags: they, call, alesana, tragedy, this
  • The Artist.mp3

    Tags: artist
  • OutKast 2014 Medley.mp3

    Tags: 2014, outkast, medley
  • Alesana - Ambrosia.mp3

    Tags: ambrosia, alesana
  • Alesana-Apology.mp3

    Tags: alesana, apology
  • Apology (Alesana COVER).mp3

    Tags: cover, apology, alesana
  • Alesana - congratulations i hate you.mp3

    Tags: alesana, congratulations, hate
  • Alesana-beautiful in blue.mp3

    Tags: beautiful, alesana, blue
  • Alesana - ambrosia76.mp3

    Tags: ambrosia76, alesana
  • ♥Alesana-apology ♥.mp3

    Tags: alesana, apology
  • Alesana - Red And Dying Evening.mp3

    Tags: evening, alesana, dying
  • Hymn For The Shameless.mp3

    Tags: hymn, shameless
  • Alesana - Early Mourning (New Version!).mp3

    Tags: alesana, version, mourning, early
  • Alesana - Beautiful in Blue.mp3

    Tags: blue, alesana, beautiful
  • Heavy Hangs The Albatross.mp3

    Tags: albatross, heavy, hangs
  • 15. Alesana - Nevermore.mp3

    Tags: alesana, nevermore
  • Alesana - Apology.mp3

    Tags: alesana, apology
  • Alesana- Annabel.mp3

    Tags: annabel, alesana
  • 05 Hey There Mr.Brooks (feat. Shawn Mike of Alesana).mp3

    Tags: shawn, alesana, brooks, there, mike, feat
  • Alesana - The Murderer.mp3

    Tags: murderer, alesana
  • Alesana - Last Three Letters Cover.mp3

    Tags: three, letters, cover, alesana, last
  • The Murderer.mp3

    Tags: murderer
  • Alesana - And They Call This Tragedy.mp3.mp3

    Tags: they, tragedy, alesana, this, call
  • Alesana - Toxic (Screamo Cover).mp3

    Tags: alesana, cover, toxic, screamo
  • Alesana - What Goes Around... (Justin Timberlake cover).mp3

    Tags: justin, goes, alesana, around, cover,
  • Alesana- Curse Of The Virgin Canvas.mp3

    Tags: curse, alesana, virgin, canvas
  • Alesana - Annabel.mp3

    Tags: annabel, alesana
  • Alesana apology piano.mp3

    Tags: alesana, apology, piano
  • Alesana - Fatima Rusalka (New).mp3

    Tags: fatima, rusalka, alesana
  • Alesana - Tilting The Hourglass.mp3

    Tags: hourglass, alesana, tilting
  • The Lover (Alesana Cover).mp3

    Tags: cover, alesana, lover
  • 4. Alesana - Pathetic, Ordinary.mp3

    Tags: pathetic, ordinary, alesana
  • Alesana-this is usually the part where people scream.mp3

    Tags: alesana, where, usually, people, part,
  • Alesana - The Thespian.mp3

    Tags: alesana, thespian
  • Alesana - Seduction.mp3

    Tags: seduction, alesana
  • In Her Tomb By The Sounding Sea.mp3

    Tags: sounding, tomb
  • Alesana - Fatima Rusalka.mp3

    Tags: fatima, rusalka, alesana
  • 05 - Asking Alexandria - Hey There Mr.Brooks (Featuring.mp3

    Tags: there, alexandria, featuring, asking, brooks
  • Alesana - Endings Without Stories.mp3

    Tags: endings, without, stories, alesana

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