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  • Lonesome Lover (Abbey Lincoln/ Max Roach).mp3

    Tags: lonesome, abbey, lover, lincoln, roach
  • Abbey Lincoln - Down Here Below.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, abbey, down, here, below
  • Up Jumped Spring = Freddie Hubbard/Abbey Lincoln.mp3

    Tags: spring, abbey, hubbard, lincoln, freddie,
  • Blues for mama (Nina Simone/Abbey Lincoln).mp3

    Tags: nina, abbey, blues, mama, simone, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - You And Me Love.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, abbey, love
  • Abbey Lincoln & Hank Jones - Time After Time.mp3

    Tags: hank, time, jones, after, abbey, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Talking to the Sun.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, talking, abbey
  • Abbey Lincoln - Left Alone (Maxsand trailmix).mp3

    Tags: left, abbey, alone, maxsand, trailmix,
  • Abbey Lincoln - Throw It Away.mp3

    Tags: away, throw, abbey, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Throw It Away.mp3

    Tags: throw, lincoln, away, abbey

    Tags: alone, bird, abbey, lincoln
  • Nocturne.mp3

    Tags: nocturne
  • Abbey Lincoln - I Must Have That Man.mp3

    Tags: that, abbey, have, lincoln, must
  • Frank Morgan Quartet Featuring Abbey Lincoln - Ten Cents A.mp3

    Tags: cents, quartet, morgan, abbey, featuring,
  • Abbey Lincoln... on Her Early Influences.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, influences, early, abbey
  • Abbey Lincoln - Afro-Blue.mp3

    Tags: blue, afro, abbey, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Windmills Of Your Mind.mp3

    Tags: abbey, your, mind, lincoln, windmills
  • Abbey Lincoln - Ain't Nobody's Business.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, abbey, nobody, business
  • Abbey Lincoln 1.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, abbey
  • Suga' In My Bowl - SoAfrica - 2/9/14 show teaser.mp3

    Tags: soafrica, show, teaser, bowl, suga
  • Abbey Lincoln - Left Alone.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, alone, abbey, left
  • 11 DOWN HERE BELOW.mp3

    Tags: down, here, below
  • Abbey Lincoln - The Music Is the Magic.mp3

    Tags: abbey, music, lincoln, magic
  • Down Here Below -- from Ghosts Appearing through the Sound:.mp3

    Tags: appearing, down, sound, from, here, below,
  • Max Roach 5tet Wt Abbey Lincoln - Triptych (Prayer Protest.mp3

    Tags: roach, protest, triptych, lincoln, 5tet,
  • Abbey Lincoln - Brother, Can You Spare a Dime.mp3

    Tags: spare, dime, lincoln, abbey, brother
  • Abbey Lincoln - People on the Street (By Deiscultbeatz)UL.mp3

    Tags: abbey, street, deiscultbeatz, people,
  • Left Alone.mp3

    Tags: left, alone
  • Abbey Lincoln "Throw It Away" (1980).mp3

    Tags: lincoln, 1980, quot, away, abbey, throw
  • CAYETANO & SERAFIM TSOTSONIS - "Driva Man feat. Abbey.mp3

    Tags: feat, tsotsonis, cayetano, serafim, abbey,

    Tags: lincoln, cayetano, abbey, serafim, feat,
  • Abbey Lincoln - Hey, Lordy Mama.mp3

    Tags: mama, abbey, lincoln, lordy
  • For The Love of Abbey.mp3

    Tags: love, abbey
  • Abbey Lincoln - Lost in the Stars.mp3

    Tags: lost, abbey, stars, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - 01 - Blue Monk - 2007 - Abbey Sings Abbey.mp3

    Tags: blue, 2007, lincoln, sings, monk, abbey
  • Abbey Lincoln - Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me.mp3

    Tags: nothing, from, lincoln, abbey, hear
  • Abbey Lincoln - Throw It Away.mp3

    Tags: abbey, away, lincoln, throw
  • Abbey Lincoln - Let Up (Abbey Is Blue 1959).mp3

    Tags: lincoln, abbey, 1959, blue
  • Abbey Lincoln - I Got Thunder (And It Rings).mp3

    Tags: thunder, lincoln, rings, abbey
  • Straight Ahead (Abbey Lincoln) Prodan - Leibson - Merlo.mp3

    Tags: prodan, straight, merlo, leibson, ahead,
  • Abbey Arlt Art Show.mp3

    Tags: abbey, show, arlt
  • Abbey Lincoln - Don't Explain.mp3

    Tags: explain, abbey, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Throw It Away.mp3

    Tags: throw, lincoln, abbey, away
  • abbey lincoln - let up, ease up(remix).mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln, ease, remix
  • Marc Cary on the origins of go-go [25.08.14].mp3

    Tags: origins, marc, cary
  • Abbey Lincoln - I'm In Love.mp3

    Tags: abbey, love, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - My Man.mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln
  • Silvia Sorohan - Throw it Away (Abbey Lincoln cover).mp3

    Tags: silvia, away, throw, abbey, cover, sorohan,
  • Abbey Dub - Giorgios Scratch.mp3

    Tags: abbey, giorgios, scratch
  • abbey lincoln - softly(remix).mp3

    Tags: lincoln, softly, remix, abbey
  • Abbey Lincoln - Love Has Gone Away.mp3

    Tags: gone, away, abbey, lincoln, love
  • abbey lincoln - let up, ease up(remix).mp3

    Tags: abbey, ease, lincoln, remix
  • Abbey Lincoln - Love Has Gone Away.mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln, gone, away, love
  • Max Roach/Abbey Lincoln- All Africa(Remix).mp3

    Tags: lincoln, roach, remix, africa, abbey
  • Abbey Lincoln - Dorian (The Man With The Magic).mp3

    Tags: with, abbey, lincoln, magic, dorian
  • Abbey Lincoln - Ten Cents A Dance.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, cents, dance, abbey
  • 12-0721 - Let Loose on Lincoln Gig - Abbey Road Medley.mp3

    Tags: medley, road, loose, 0721, abbey, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Nature boy.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, nature, abbey
  • abbey lincoln - straight ahead(remix).mp3

    Tags: abbey, ahead, remix, lincoln, straight
  • Abbey Lincoln - Avec le temps.mp3

    Tags: abbey, temps, lincoln, avec
  • Blue Monk (Thelonious Monk, lyrics by Abbey Lincoln).mp3

    Tags: abbey, lyrics, thelonious, blue, monk,
  • Suga' In My Bowl - Abbey Lincoln - 5/19/13 show teaser.mp3

    Tags: bowl, abbey, lincoln, teaser, suga, show
  • Abbey Lincoln - C'est Si Bon.mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln
  • 04 Abbey Lincoln Interview.mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln, interview
  • abbey lincoln - left alone(remix).mp3

    Tags: remix, lincoln, left, abbey, alone
  • Abbey Lincoln - Left Alone [Omn!pax Trip-Hop Remix].mp3

    Tags: remix, lincoln, trip, abbey, left, alone
  • Abbey Lincoln - Take Me In Your Arms.mp3

    Tags: abbey, take, your, arms, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Music, Maestro, Please.mp3

    Tags: abbey, music, maestro, please, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln & Archie Shepp - Golden Lady.mp3

    Tags: golden, archie, shepp, lady, lincoln, abbey
  • abbey lincoln - lonely house(remix).mp3

    Tags: remix, lonely, abbey, house, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise.mp3

    Tags: morning, softly, abbey, sunrise, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Down Here Below.mp3

    Tags: here, lincoln, abbey, down, below
  • Throw It Away (Abbey Lincoln) live @ WIAM.mp3

    Tags: throw, wiam, abbey, away, live, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln feat. The Adeles, Esther Hicks, and Eight.mp3

    Tags: adeles, hicks, esther, feat, abbey, eight,

    Tags: abbey, show, lincoln, nuit, airport, saison,
  • Abbey Lincoln - They Call It Jazz.mp3

    Tags: jazz, abbey, they, call, lincoln

    Tags: lincoln, abbey, intro
  • Abbey Lincoln - Tender As A Rose.mp3

    Tags: rose, tender, abbey, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln 2.mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Painted Lady on the Stage.mp3

    Tags: stage, lincoln, painted, lady, abbey
  • Abbey Lincoln - Street Of Dreams.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, abbey, dreams, street
  • 2-04 Abbey Lincoln Medley Down He 1.mp3

    Tags: medley, abbey, down, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Bird Alone.mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln, alone, bird
  • Throw It Away - Abbey Lincoln.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, away, throw, abbey
  • 12 THROW IT AWAY.mp3

    Tags: away, throw
  • Abbey Lincoln - Should've Been.mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln, been, should
  • 245 - Throw It Away - Abbey Lincoln - Feat. Ebru Dengiz -.mp3

    Tags: feat, away, throw, abbey, lincoln, ebru,
  • Abbey Lincoln on Dylan, followed by live performance of.mp3

    Tags: lincoln, live, abbey, followed, dylan,
  • Aaron Pfeiffer - Throw It Away LIVE @ ROCKWOOD NYC (Abbey.mp3

    Tags: live, away, pfeiffer, throw, abbey, aaron,
  • Abbey Lincoln - And It's Supposed to be Love.mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln, love, supposed
  • Tribute to Abbey Lincoln and Claude Chabrol.mp3

    Tags: tribute, claude, abbey, lincoln, chabrol
  • abbey lincoln - afro blue(remix).mp3

    Tags: remix, blue, abbey, afro, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Painted Lady - 06 - Caged Bird.mp3

    Tags: painted, lady, abbey, bird, caged, lincoln
  • Thanks Miss Abbey Lincoln (For the Songs).mp3

    Tags: lincoln, miss, songs, abbey, thanks
  • Abbey Lincoln - Learning How To Listen.mp3

    Tags: listen, abbey, lincoln, learning
  • Abbey Lincoln & Archie Shepp - Golden Lady.mp3

    Tags: lady, lincoln, archie, abbey, shepp, golden
  • Abbey Lincoln - Exactly Like You.mp3

    Tags: exactly, lincoln, abbey, like
  • Abbey Lincoln - Should've Been.mp3

    Tags: should, been, abbey, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - For all we know.mp3

    Tags: know, lincoln, abbey
  • Abbey Lincoln - Lonely house - .mp3

    Tags: lincoln, abbey, lonely, house
  • Abbey Lincoln - Blue Monk.mp3

    Tags: monk, lincoln, abbey, blue
  • Throw It Away Abbey Lincoln Cover.mp3

    Tags: cover, away, abbey, throw, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Africa.mp3

    Tags: abbey, lincoln, africa
  • Abbey Lincoln - Strong Man.mp3

    Tags: abbey, strong, lincoln
  • Abbey Lincoln - Do nothing till you hear from me.mp3

    Tags: hear, lincoln, from, nothing, abbey, till
  • KeySax - Softly (jazz-house remix ft. Abbey Lincoln).mp3

    Tags: abbey, house, remix, softly, lincoln,

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